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What if you knew which blind spots were dragging your organization down?

Now You Can With BIAS!

Finally, an Organization-wide Performance Analysis

As a leader, you need access to the most current, accurate, and actionable data about your organization.

Finally, identify, measure and prioritize the issues that impact your organization's performance with the new, organization-wide performance assessment - The BlindSpot Inventory Assessment System™ (BIAS).

Make Better Decisions with Better Data

Take Employee and Culture surveys to the next level!

BIAS analyzes organizational performance across not 1 but 5 core non-financial metrics critical to your organization's success.

The 45-question online survey captures anonymous performance perceptions and presents the data in an array of in-depth, easy-to-understand reports.



If You Are Ready For Growth, You Are Ready For BIAS

Get the performance data you've been missing.

Leaders ready to leverage organization-wide data to drive improvement strategy - BIAS is for you.

Leaders ready to optimize their teams, who believe that their people are the pathway to success - BIAS is for you.

Leaders ready to quantify the impact of training solutions with ROI assurance - BIAS is for you.


"In leadership positions, 85% of the competencies for success lie in the EI [Emotional Intelligence] domain, rather than in technical or intellectual abilities."

Daniel Goleman
Author: Emotional Intelligence 2.0

"90% of the problems you and I have on any given day are 'relationship issues.'"

Dr. Michael Rock
Dr. Michael Rock is a professor who has specialized in the study of emotional intelligence - or 'EQi' - and its impact in the workplace.

"Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center has concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills)."

BIAS is Non-Intrusive

Analyze Anonymous Individual Responses

The survey takes under 9-minutes to complete and can easily be taken on any PC or mobile-device. Responses are anonymous and compiled into one organization-wide performance report.

Responses are further segmentable by team, location, or department for comparative sub-reports and analysis.


No-Risk, Guaranteed Results!

BIAS is backed by a no-risk, money-back guarantee!

 We are so confident with how BIAS provides proven results, we guarantee it!

At the completion of BIAS, you will:

  • Discover your organizations blind spots.
  • Know where to invest your time and resources to close the gaps.
  • Be able to prioritize that investment.

— OR — 

100% refund on your BIAS investment!


Take a Peek!


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