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Hiring & Selection Assessments

With the emergence of dot com job searches, it has become incredibly challenging for businesses to find (and keep) qualified and talented people. Web-based job search resources have helped create a fluid workforce capable of constantly searching for their next perfect job. According to the International Management Association, average attrition rates have jumped by more than 14 percent in just the last decade — and that number continues to climb.

Employers can educate themselves in the hiring and selection process to begin to combat this trend — while saving both time and money. By enlisting online assessments to accurately evaluate job applicant behavior, motivation, critical thinking, decision making skills and more, they can get closer to building effective teams. Assessments provide measurable resources to consult for hiring, selection, promotion & succession planning, enhancing organizational restructuring and more. Simply stated, quality, science-supported assessments can provide vital insight to help a company identify and eliminate risks while optimizing its greatest potential attribute: human capital.

Assessments work by measuring a variety of criteria including: decision-making, motivation for achievement, skill proficiency, work styles, behavioral styles and personal values. Assessments are a key element in establishing a solid bedrock of talent for any company.

Psychometric assessments should only ever be used by companies as a resource in the context of a wider selection process; the assessments will only help inform the decision, not make the decision on your behalf.

Our catalog of hiring & selection reports includes:

DISC Fitness Benchmarking & Comparison System
The DISC Fitness Benchmarking & Comparison System offers business owners, managers and HR professionals an opportunity to compare new applicants to previously selected performance benchmarks. The user can also compare applicants to current employees who have actively demonstrated the suitable attributes proven to create success in the position. Since there may be more than one style that has been successful in the same position, the benchmarks can allow for different kinds of success measures with one position, based on different employee perspectives or approaches. One of the most unique qualities of this system is that it empowers the user to select as many benchmarks or individuals as desired, with a simultaneous bird’s eye view of a dozen, or even several dozen, different applicant comparisons. While not an all-inclusive tool for hiring and selection, benchmarking and comparisons allow the hiring professional to explore in more detail what success might look like for a qualified candidate. Learn More...

The Executive Summary
The Executive Summary is a multi-dimensional tool which provides users an overall perspective of behavioral tendencies, communication style, motivational drivers, and critical thinking skills. The overview is followed by detailed insight into the applicant's thinking patterns, awareness of core values based upon their internal motivators, and common behavioral/communication style expressions likely to be revealed within the workplace.

Developed over 25 years, the Executive Summary provides revealing scoring that is designed to be easy to understand at a glance. Furthermore, the generated report is curtailed to 8-pages (from a more exhaustive 54-page analysis,) offering users the option for faster application and use. Uniquely, this report also provides users with specific recommendations to support development and suggestions for continued success in the workplace summarized on a single page. Learn More...

Workplace Strengths
The Workplace Strengths report is a straight-forward, low-cost assessment designed for use at the outset of any hiring and selection process. This DISC & Hartman-based tool deals primarily in broad brush strokes, applying either a "satisfactory" or "cautionary" rating to four universally important workplace situations. Through these scores and the report details, Workplace Strengths offers suggestions for hiring and selection personnel to guide discovery of potential risks and likely strengths which may impact the candidate's fit in both the position and the team or organization. Learn More...

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