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Specialty Reports

Our catalog includes a number of extraordinarily unique and highly specialized assessment instruments that are difficult to find anywhere else. Sometimes these instruments are so unlike any of our others, they demand unique recognition. Some of our Specialty Reports leverage one or more of the same Core Assessments (like DISC) that you’d find in other catalog sections, while others may not use a previously existing assessment at all. However, each of these unique assessment instruments generates a report producing laser-targeting data intended to deliver answers and insights to very specific questions, challenges and topics.

Our catalog of Specialty Reports includes:

Sales IQ Plus
As with any profession, selling has a body of knowledge related to successful execution. There are a multitude of skills, behaviors, knowledge and attitudes involved in any successful sales career. To know how to improve your own sales performance requires that you periodically examine all of these aspects. The Sales IQ Plus assessment offers such an objective analysis and essentially answers the question, Can this person sell? Learn more…

DISC Collaboration
Immediately resolve conflict, or prevent it from occurring at all. Use this report with managers and their direct reports, amongst co-workers or between managers themselves.

The DISC Collaboration Report presents the key features of the interrelationship of any two individuals, highlighting side-by-side the likely areas where they have both similar and dissimilar perspectives and behavioral tendencies. The report shows specific areas where differences in perspective could lead to potential misunderstandings, offering potential solutions for conflict resolution. Learn more…

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