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Evidence-based Coaching & Consulting

What is evidence-based coaching & consulting?

Evidence-based coaching & consulting is the future. For the first time in human history, our knowledge of psychology, coupled with the development of computer sciences have both reached an apex. With the right scientific instruments and training, we can now associate a specific number with something as abstract as a behavioral tendency, a thinking pattern, a motivation, or even an individual's current emotional intelligence within a very specific area.

What do the recent breakthroughs associated with evidence-based coaching & consulting mean for me?

  • Precise insights and answers in minutes - not months. This means saving you time and ensuring your coach avoids the miscalculations associated with the guesswork generally associated with non-evidence-based coaching. As the famous saying illustrates, "No good deed goes unpunished." Until recently, coaches relied on inferior assessments (without today's technological advances), their own professional background, and their personal intuition to aid clients. That often meant months to reach a fraction of the insights we can now compute in minutes. It was expensive, time-consuming and generated 1/10th of the actionable results.
  • Algorithmic generated graphs and statement sets we're internationally certified to interpret and coach. I've dedicated the most recent stages of my career to immersing myself in this training and education, as I recognized the future of coaching and consulting was evidence-based. This enables me and my team to empathetically understand the nuances of our clients' strengths and struggles better than many of their closest family and longtime friends. This scientifically-validated objectivity offers the opportunity for goal achievement and professional growth on a scale that is changing the minds of coach-averse executives everywhere. It is a revolution changing the professional fortunes of those who accept its lending hand.
  • There are no right or wrong people - only different "styles" in each of us that bring unique areas of both strength and struggle. The five principle styles that govern and define each of us are: behavioral, motivational, thinking, emotional, and learning. We can guide you on a 5-step sequential pathway (we call "Core Five") to heightened self-awareness and personal discovery.
  • These are assessments of the highest scientific order, having received independently conducted Construct Validity, Reliability, and Disparate Impact testing by the Assessment Standards Institute (ASI).
  • The most successful leaders are the most self-aware leaders. Self-awareness opens hidden doors that lead to greater behavioral & communication adaptability, values understanding, thought process clarity & bias avoidance, emotional intelligence growth, and learning achievement. Remember: The only constant in today's world is change itself.

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