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EIQ-2 360°

Our popular Emotional Intelligence assessment (EIQ-2) now offers an enlightening 360º option for enhanced clarity and objectivity.

Why an Emotional Intelligence 360º Assessment?
The EIQ-2 360º offers assessment professionals and users alike, the ability to compare the user’s perceived “self” emotional intelligence in contrast with the “observer” feedback provided anonymously by colleagues, direct reports, managers, etc.

In general, both of our EIQ-2 assessments help users understand the correlation between the way they apply their emotional intelligence and the outcome of their interactions with others. While emotional intelligence is defined as an internalized process of perceptions, thoughts, and decisions, it exhibits in our observable behaviors. These observable behaviors make the EIQ-2 360º possible. They offer us an objective countermeasure to the inherent biases that can plague emotional intelligence self reporting.

In essence, while the EIQ-2 self assessment has merit, it can be limited by the blindspots and biases of the user. The EIQ-2 360º provides the antidote.

Unlimited Observers

Like all our 360º assessments, the EIQ-2 360º provides users with the ability to retrieve an unlimited number of “observer assessments” without incurring additional fees. Whether you enlist three, or 300 observers, the EIQ-2 360º will always remain the same fixed price.

As a general rule, the more observers who participate in a 360º assessment process, the more accurate its data. We want to ensure our clients receive the most scientifically accurate, objective and unbiased reporting available. For this reason, you will never see us charge extra for additional 360º observers.

Making better data, more cost prohibitive, does not make for good science. We’re fixing that - by ensuring your 360º assessments’ insights are never restricted by budget.

Emotional Intelligence for Professional Success

A recent study of emotional intelligence, (along with 33 other important workplace skills,) found that emotional intelligence is the single strongest predictor of workplace performance, accounting for a full 58% of success in all types of jobs.

Furthermore, additional studies have found that 90% of top performers in positions of leadership are high in emotional intelligence. On the flip side, only 20% of top rated leaders scored low in emotional intelligence. In other words, you can be a successful leader lacking emotional intelligence, but your opportunity for success is much lower.

How Does Emotional Intelligence Work?

A person with high emotional intelligence levels is more likely to be aware of, and manage their behaviors effectively in stressful workplace situations. That balance lends itself to improved decision-making and effective displays of leadership. A person with a high emotional intelligence level is also likely to be better at reading the emotions in others, thereby engaging them for more “mutually profitable” and beneficial outcomes; whether those communications occur in leadership, sales, customer service or teamwork.

The good news is that unlike an individual’s mostly fixed IQ, studies have demonstrated that EIQ is malleable and capable of being improved upon throughout life. However that improvement starts with a self-awareness of one’s existing emotional intelligence levels. So the shortest and most direct path to improving one’s emotional intelligence begins here, with the objective analysis and reporting provided by the EIQ-2 360º assessment.

Coupled with the strong, aforementioned statistics demonstrating its measurable professional value, the ability to improve one’s emotional intelligence virtually necessitates serious universal application, regardless of industry or even current levels of professional success.

Most importantly, for professionals in positions of leadership, studies overwhelmingly point towards emotional intelligence assessments being a “must have” leadership development tool.

What does this mean for myself, my clients and my colleagues?

Every individual is capable of improving their emotional intelligence, and gleaning the almost immediate benefits that come with a heightened self-awareness of their current strengths and blindspots. The EIQ-2 360º assessment provides us with a clear and accurate roadmap to begin, and continually refine, this simultaneously professional and personal self-development endeavor.

Repeatedly reenlist the EIQ-2 360º to track each user’s progress quarterly. It’s important to keep its insights front-of-mind for the user, while also keeping the user’s improvements/regressions clearly in the crosshairs of their consulting assessment professional. Only understanding and repeated feedback will provide each user with the keys to improve their emotional intelligence levels, thereby enabling them to achieve their “professional interpersonal” growth potential and goals.

EIQ-2 360° Sample Report

EIQ-2 360° (Sample Report)


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