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DISC Benchmark System & Report

Do you ever wish that you could duplicate your best employees? Does it ever feel as though hiring is a gamble and the odds are stacked against your organization finding someone who is a great addition to your team? Improve your chances of a successful experience in candidate selection that can also increase your retention rates with the new DISC Fitness Benchmark System.

The DISC Fitness Benchmark System is best described as an insightful DISC-based, on-screen tool for measuring a candidate’s match to the company’s selected needs and wants presented in job openings. With this information, you’re more empowered to measure every job candidate’s DISC score against an existing or custom-made benchmark. The result is an algorithmic matching process that reveals how candidates self-determined behavior aligns with the job expectations, indicating likely areas of success and opportunity.

Don’t wait! You can begin making more informed candidate selection decisions with this powerful onscreen system, leveraging our DISC assessment already trusted by thousands of organizations.

There are four fantastic ways to utilize the DISC Fitness Benchmark System:

1. Leverage our existing library of benchmarks: The DISC Fitness Benchmark System houses a selection of general, occupationally-focused benchmarks for common positions like outside sales, operations manager, or even CEO.
2. Create custom high-performer benchmarks: A great way to predict future success is to assess your current high performers using DISC. Our system automatically creates a benchmark for you based on the style strengths of your chosen best employees.
3. Use our job-needs questionnaire: This system-generated benchmark is created by asking stakeholders (current employees, immediate supervisors, and human resources professionals) a series of job-related questions in order to produce a benchmark that can identify the characteristics of a successful candidate.
4. Create custom benchmarks from multiple sources: All of our system capabilities are fantastic, but sometimes a combination of each can produce the most valuable benchmark of all. Utilizing the tools, and making additional adjustments with even more job performance data can take your benchmarks – and your hiring practices – to even greater heights.

Benchmark capabilities like the above have traditionally involved complex processes that require countless hours of a statistician's time – and far too many dollars to justify the results for many organizations. However, with our commitment to cutting-edge technology, we have a system that provides you with insights you need to make more informed selection decisions, and saving time and money.

DISC Fitness Benchmark System Features

  • Create individual DISC benchmarks tailored to a specific job
  • Compare multiple job candidates to a single job
  • Compare multiple job candidates to a variety of jobs
  • Compare individuals to other individuals
  • Compare individuals to groups, teams or even entire organizations
  • Generate unlimited Employee Fitness Reports (PDF) at no additional charge
  • Regular additions of new job benchmarks
  • As-needed webinar training

On-screen Interface

In order to start your comparisons of individuals and benchmarks, you begin by selecting or inputting completed DISC assessment results for the individuals you want to analyze. The benchmarks themselves are calibrated via the benchmark creation tool located in your admin panel. You can calibrate these benchmarks from the previous scores of successful employees or begin by basing them on the job profile templates within the system.

You can choose as many benchmarks or individuals as desired. The results will display in a grid showing percentage matches. By clicking on any percentage score, you can open a window displaying a more detailed explanation. You can even generate a full PDF Fitness report. You are not limited to selecting benchmarks and individuals. You can also select charted comparisons of only individuals. This allows you to compare individuals with other individuals. 

PDF Fitness Reports

The Fitness Report evaluates job candidates by first measuring and then identifying how the candidate’s typical behavioral style matches the behaviors necessary for the job.

Integrated Behavioral Fitness combines all four dimensions of DISC and uses the behavioral similarities and/or differences to maximize behavioral effectiveness on the job. In this report, all four dimensions of DISC behavior have been integrated in one overall measure of fitness when comparing a candidate to a targeted job profile.

The fitness rating is scored on a scale between 1% and 100%, representing the strength of the relationship between the candidate’s behavioral style and the behavioral guidelines of a specific job or benchmark.

Please contact us today! We can help you implement these exciting system features and reports. With these benchmarking resources, you can go much deeper in the hiring process to create more effective selection experiences based on more than just a first impression.

DISC Sample Reports

DISC Benchmark Profile (Sample Report)


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