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Assessment Management Admin Portal

Take your business to the next level with our Assessment Management Admin Portal. Manage all of your branded assessments and reports from within your own branded portal.

Your Dashboard. Your Brand.

Your clients know and trust your brand. Continue to cultivate that relationship and build trust with a seamless, branded experience on your assessment dashboard.

If you want to distribute and manage your own assessments to members of your organization or to clients, you are in the right place. Access all of your assessments with one simple login: DISC, Motivators, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, Leadership Effectiveness, Sales IQ Plus, Core Competency Index (CCI), Executive Summary, Workplace Strengths and more.

Branded Reports

Your logo along with your contact information are placed on the front cover of every assessment report.

Branded Login Screen

Your logo appears on your log in screen as well as on the assessment registration screens seen by your assessment takers.

Team Reporting Tools

Use the built-in Team Reporting functionality to generate team reports for qualified assessments.

*Setup fee is waived with minimum assessment order. Inquire within. Call 877-527-9613 or click the button to get started today.

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