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Science-backed Leadership & Team Training to Close Performance Gaps and Increase Profitability.



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Expose and Remove Our Blind Spots

Find out what your people are afraid to tell you. Anonymous, Company-wide assessment gives you the data you've been missing about company performance.

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Develop Our Leaders & Teams

Create a high trust, high performance culture through on-site workshops and coaching tailored to develop cohesive teams and strong leadership.

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Become a More Effective Leader

Gain leadership mastery through evidence-based, whole person coaching: behaviors, motivations, emotional intelligence, thinking, and learning styles. 

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Hire a Speaker For Our Company Event

Entertain, equip & inspire your audience to excel in everything they do. They will make better decisions and build stronger relationships.

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Which blind spots are dragging your organization down?

Anonymous Company-wide Assessment Reveals Why...

Employee Disengagement

You try hard to create a great work environment. You feel like you are leading well. Yet it seems there is a lack of engagement. You've asked, but the feedback is vague. You wonder what more can you do.

Unmanaged Conflict

You know conflict is inevitable. You want to manage it but for some reason you just can't get ahead of it. The conflict continues to fester causing disruption. It's destroying your company culture like a cancer. You need help.

Lack of Trust Culture

You strive for a diverse and inclusive culture of trust and cooperation. You've tried to get solid feedback but your people are afraid to tell you what is really going on. You know something is still wrong and it causes you stress.

High Employee Turnover

By the end of the day you're exhausted not from work but from dealing with your people. You feel like you are constantly having to push initiatives forward... all by yourself.  There are days you are ready to quit. But you are stuck!

Poor Communication

People appear to be listening, but body language and performance tell a different story. You feel like you are communicating effectively but expectations are not being met. You There is a breakdown. But where?

Top Performer Challenges

You value your tenured employees and top producers. But dealing with some of them is like walking on eggshells. The rest of the team feels the same tension. You can't lose their production but something has to give. 

Make Better Decisions with Better Data.
Company-wide Assessment Reveals All.

Take Employee and Culture surveys to the next level!

Our Company-wide BlindSpot Inventory Assessment System (BIAS) analyzes organizational performance across not 1 but 5 core non-financial metrics critical to your organization's success.

The 45-question online survey captures anonymous performance perceptions and presents the data in an array of in-depth, easy-to-understand reports.

It's the data you've been missing about your organization!

Our ground-breaking employee engagement and company culture assessment goes beyond simply evaluating one indicator or the other. BIAS™ evaluates all Five Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators (NF KPIs). This is administered electronically to every member of your organization to answer anonymously, to ensure honest responses. It functions as an "MRI for your organization". With unbiased laser precision, we will pinpoint where your team is both excelling AND struggling in these five universally recognized KPIs: Company Culture, Operations, Leadership, Training and Service.



Scientifically sound and objective company-wide assessments generally cost $5,000 - $30,000 (or more), depending on the number of employees and a host of other variables. The majority of these instruments ONLY evaluate a single area such as "Company Culture". You receive a 20+ page, full-color, detailed report pinpointing with laser precision the gaps in your team performance based on real-time feedback from your own people. 

Discover your individual blind spots for free...

Most leaders believe they are better than average. Most employees disagree.* Blind Spots!

Take our FREE online individual blind spot assessment now with instant results! Discover your strengths, drivers and potential blind spots in less than 3 minutes. Because you don't know what you don't know!

*Gallup 2017 "State of the American Workforce Report"

Maximize employee productivity, improve team building and boost performance through our superior assessments, unparalleled training and insightful coaching and consulting with 30+ years of experience.

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