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Measurable Performance Improvement Programs

ROI Driven 3-Step Process

Your Measurable ROI Approach

Available as a service bundle or individual segments.

Step 1 - Assessment

The BlindSpot Inventory Assessment System™ (BIAS™)

Whether you use the collected data internally, provide it to your strategic consulting firm or hire us to implement, you will have the data you need to move forward strategically with laser precision.

Every organization is different and so are the blind spots of its leaders and teams. 

BIAS collects employee perceptions on the internal beliefs and behaviors that drive organizational performance.

With one assessment we can obtain leadership level and/or company-wide actionable data.

Unlike Employee Engagement or Corporate Culture surveys, BiAS expands that view to provide data on five core performance areas, not just one.

BiAS allows you to pinpoint company wide struggles faster - and with improved insights - so subsequent coaching and training investments are administered with the kind of laser-guided accuracy that provides demonstrable results.


Step 2 - Implementation

Consulting - Training - Coaching Programs For Your Success

Every organization is comprised of a diverse group of people with spoken and unspoken values, beliefs and behaviors which determine how they will interact with one another, with customers, and your vendors.

Working with your leaders and staff to bring alignment within your workforce is mission critical to developing a strong trust culture and improving the bottom line. The best organizations prioritize investing in their people.

Whether implementation is done in large groups, small groups, or one-on-one, a quarterly or semi-annual BIAS Health Checkup™ now allows you to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of your people and soft skills training and coaching investment.

Each program is designed to work with your organizational needs and within your workforce constraints with minimal impact to productivity.

Science Behind Our Programs

Step 3 - Measure & Manage

Measure and Manage

Using our BIAS Health Checkup™ report and management plan, you receive the metrics and road map you need to measure and manage the ongoing and demonstrable results of your people and soft skills investment.

Whether you manage the ongoing process on your own with your installed BIAS dashboard or engage us to assist, you can rest assured that you now have a clear path to invest in your workforce and measure your overall ROI.

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