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Upgrade your  managers into effective leaders

People Skills Training for Leaders at Every Level Based on Proven Behavioral Psychology.

Drive Engagement | Increase Retention | Reduce Conflict


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Your Managers May Think They’re Leading Effectively.
Chances Are They’re NOT.
And Your Organization is Suffering Because of It.

According to the 2017 Gallup State of the American Workforce report, employees felt their team leaders were poor communicators, not trust-worthy, did not generate enthusiasm about the future, did not listen, respect, or value their opinions, and were leading ineffectively overall.

These blind spots will inevitably result in problems with:

Employee Engagement • Conflict Management • Organizational Culture
Talent Retention • Customer Experience • Overall Performance
What's the Solution?

Self-Awareness is the Key.

It’s Time to Unlock the Potential of Your Leaders.

As experts in human behavior with 30+ years of experience, we have proven that focusing on internal growth on the individual level is what leads to deep, impactful change that lasts. This is what makes us different.

Most leadership development programs inadvertently focus on the wrong part of the brain—the neocortex—which grasps concepts and logic and governs analytical and technical ability. Thus, material from programs like these is often quickly forgotten, resulting in wasted time and money.

While our programs do leverage the neocortex, our primary focus is on the limbic system, which governs feelings, impulses and drives. In other words, our programs appeal to the heart, not just the head. Because of this, our training is much more integral and is therefore retained by default. Think stories vs. studies—which do you remember more easily?

Additionally, our programs use a combination of human behavioral sciences such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, unconscious bias, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which we use as our fundamental model. Our Awareness Transformation Model™ uses a transformative 4-stage approach to create new habits: 1) Learn; 2) Apply; 3) Reflect; and 4) Share.

Our goal is to transform your team leaders into highly self-aware, emotionally-intelligent, and truly effective leaders who will earn the respect of their people without having to leverage their title or position. They will attract, build and lead teams that are self-aware, engaged, and high-performing, and your organization will thrive.

Learn more about our Blind Spots Leadership Experiences - The Awareness Advantage.

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What Can We Help You With?

Develop Our Team Leaders

Drive more engagement, inspire greater retention, and shift your organizational culture to a high trust, high functioning team culture through our science-backed, psychology-based leadership experiences - The Awareness Advantage.

Develop Our Emerging Leaders

Give your new and transitioning leaders the edge they need to master the art of leading people, not just managing processes. Designed to fast-track their leadership growth so they can maximize their impact.

Become a More Influential Leader

Join an upcoming Awareness Advantage cohort and take your influence to a whole new level. Master the art of influencing people through Clarity, Curiosity and Connection.

Discover the Awareness Advantage!

Some Clients Served

Canadian Cancer Society • Honda • Frito Lay • Toyota Tsusho • Panasonic • Wells Fargo • FedEx • AT&T • Lenovo • Georgia Tech • Simon Fraser University • City of Lake Oswego • City of Memphis • Vancouver International Airport • Logiix • John Deere • ISACA • Ford Motor Company • HFMA • SAIF Corp • Assn of Government Accountants • TetraTech

Debbie B.,
City of Memphis

Always refreshing to hear information that is highly effective to me both personally and professionally. Quality professional development at its best!

Jared W.,
Washington Trust

Very timely for me personally – it’s often overlooked in personal and professional development just how important these soft skills are to overall quality of life and performance.

Todd G.,
Beacon Mutual

The program was interactive with audio-visual and real-life examples, with personal experiences shared as well. This all made for an exceptional program which crossed over from business into personal applying to all facets of one's life.

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