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July 2018: Kevin McCarthy receives the CSP Designation - Certified Speaking Professional -  the highest certification recognized globally by the speaking industry.

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Regarding CPE credit hours - general

A/V Requirements

Kevin has worked in and is adaptable to numerous room set ups. However, the following guidelines are requested to bolster optimum performance.

Kevin is animated and energetic. He tends to utilize the full stage but prefers to not walk in front of the screen. He does not stand behind a lectern. A confidence monitor or his laptop on stage or within reach will ensure the slides keep up with his conversation for the benefit of the audience.

Kevin usually incorporates Powerpoint and occasional audio / video components into his presentations. He always uses his MacBook Pro and brings the AV adapters.

Please have the following available to set the stage for the most dynamic presentations.

  • Projector and screen(s) adequate for the size of the room and number of attendees.
  • A small table, lectern or projector cart upon which to set his laptop. This should be placed to the left of the stage area from the audience perspective.
  • HDMI or VGA cable to connect the MacBook Pro with the projector (Kevin has his own Mac adapters). For long distances between the projector and computer, be prepared to use a signal booster.
  • Kevin uses his own Sennheiser Wireless headset microphone to keep him hands-free. He will bring the XLR adaptor and portable transmitted for the sound board.

Kevin does not provide his Powerpoint slide deck in advance. However, he will provide a PDF audience handout which doubles as a prop used during his presentation to be printed and distributed before the session. He often brings another prop with him to be distributed to everyone in the audience before the session. He will also provide, upon request, an audience version of the presentation for distribution following the event.

Inquire for Availability

Thank you for considering Kevin as a speaker for your upcoming event! Please click the BookMeNow button to inquire for availability and fees or to learn more about the type of programs offered. 

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