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Blind Spots are destroying your organization and hobbling your career

Identifying Blind Spots; Transforming Leaders

Kevin McCarthy's Team Helps Leaders Make Better Decisions, Communicate More Effectively, and Develop Stronger Relationships



Leaders have blind spots if...'re getting great results so you think you're a great leader

Leaders always think they are doing better than they are. They often equate ability with results. Unaware leaders get lost in the minutia of management and lose sight of developing people.
This is a leadership blind spot. assume that if you tell the whole story, they won't trust you

A leaders inclination is to guard their shortcomings from public view. They think leaders should be tough and competent or they won't be respected.
This is a leadership blind spot. only ask for input from your peers

Leaders often make decisions in a bubble of their inner circle. They exclude valuable insights from the rank and file. They squander the opportunity to increase their influence.
This is a leadership blind spot.

You might have blind spots if...'ve ever described someone's ethnicity in a conversation

The next time you have a conversation and skin color is mentioned, ask yourself, "Is that detail pertinent?" Is it really?
You have experienced a blind spot.'ve thought, "Everyone's doing it!"

We always think we are doing better than we really are. Is it true that "everyone" is doing it? How do you know that's true? What if it's not?
You have experienced a blind spot. believe your vivid memory was accurate only to find out later it wasn't

We think we are more in control of our minds than we really are. We are constantly distorting, deleting and generalizing information. Our recall is not always accurate.
You have experienced a blind spot.

Blind Spots are hidden biases, assumptions, and thinking errors. 

They cloud perception, drive destructive behaviors, and impair decision-making. 


Most leaders believe they are doing an above average job. Most employees disagree!* You have a blind spot.

*Gallup 2017 "State of the American Workforce Report"

Your organization has blind spots if you're experiencing:

Disengaged Employees

You feel like you communicate well. You believe you are an effective leader. Yet it seems there is a lack of engagement. You don't know why.
You have a blind spot.

Unmanaged Conflict

You know conflict is inevitable. You want to manage it but you just can't bring resolution. It continues to fester causing disruption.
You have a blind spot.

Lack of Trust

You strive for a diverse and inclusive culture of trust and cooperation. You sense something is still wrong. You can't put your finger on it. 
You have a blind spot.

Emotionally Drained

By the end of the day you're exhausted just from dealing with people. You're constantly having to push the company forward... all by yourself.  You want to fix the problem. But, it's eluding you.
You have a blind spot.

Poor Communication

People appear to be listening, but body language and performance tell a different story. Expectations are not being met, and you are not sure why. 
You have a blind spot.

Top Performer Challenges

You value your stars. But you dread dealing with them. You're walking on eggshells... and so is the rest of the team. You can't lose their production but something has to give. 
You have a blind spot.

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Meet Kevin McCarthy

Author of the bestselling book, BlindSpots – Why Good People Make Bad Choices, and holds the highest certification recognized globally by the speaking industry, the Certified Speaking Professional.
An award-winning sales professional, he built one of the largest Century 21 offices in America, then developed and sold a dot-com startup. 
In 2004, his boss was arrested for the largest stock fraud in Washington State history. As a result, Kevin spent 33 months in federal prison for a crime he didn’t knowingly commit. There he studied Cognitive Psychology and recognized — then deeply researched — the blind spots that lead to his predicament.
Today Kevin and his team expose the invisible barriers that impact culture, operations, training, service and leadership.

Speaking, Training, Coaching and Assessments to uncover the blind spots in your organization and leadership to increase your team performance, employee engagement and retention.


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