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Are you ready to transform your consulting business?

The BlindSpot Inventory Assessment System is your gateway to more corporate consulting, training and coaching clients.

This Is Not Just Another Culture Assessment

The BlindSpot Inventory Assessment System™ (BIAS™) isn’t just a company culture assessment!

BIAS combines the anonymous individual employee responses and analyzes the results across all five Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators (NF-KPIs) for a much more multifaceted and revealing look at an organization’s strengths and performance gaps.

  • BIAS is the only organization-wide assessment that identifies and measures the blind spots across five core areas: Culture, Leadership, Operations, Service & Training.
  • As a service provider, BIAS enables you to build a relationship and demonstrate immediate credibility with a potential client.
  • BIAS allows you to show the client their gaps in performance using their own data.
  • BIAS provides you with an instrument to guide the strategic discussions and help the client create a prioritized roadmap to close their performance gaps. It allows you the opportunity to become the obvious choice as their solution provider.
  • BIAS can either be sold adding a new revenue stream to your practice. Or, offer the assessment at no charge to open the door with the right opportunity. You have complete flexibility as a reseller.

BIAS is a Simple Process With Powerful Results. Get More Leads. Convert More Clients.

A Quick Four Step Process Ending with a Face-to-Face Consulting Session with Client.

  1. Client Intake: Identify client’s felt needs. High-turnover? Disengaged employees? Unmanaged conflict? Leadership fatigue? Poor communications? BIAS will identify the blind spots behind these issues. Launch
  2. Assessment: Client schedules one thirty-minute window during their least disruptive time period. Anonymous link is sent to all employees to complete in 9-10 minutes. Majority of the assessments are completed. A second date is given to pick up the stragglers.
  3. Review Results: You compile and review the “group” report(s). Then, identify the talking points, especially as they pertain to the client’s felt needs.
  4. Strategic Debrief: Present the BIAS results in person or via a virtual meeting platform like Zoom. Help your client understand then prioritize the solutions you provide to reduce their gaps in performance. Strategic planning? Training? Coaching? BIAS discoveries are bound to lead to further work with the client.

Your own branded reports and online dashboard.

Join the league of consultants leveraging the power of company-wide performance data. The BlindSpot Inventory Assessment System is a company-wide anonymous assessment that opens the door to new relationships with key leaders of public and private organizations.

BIAS Certification gives you the tools and training you need to deliver unprecedented data and value for your clients.

  • Quantify Performance GAPs by analytics not by assumption
  • Leverage BIAS results to deliver custom-tailored solutions and close GAPs with laser-precision.
  • Assure ROI by data using BIAS as a periodical follow up Health Checkup.

What you get:

  • Your own branded online dashboard to administer and manage your BIAS assessment projects.
  • One complementary BIAS assessment for 10 employees that you can immediately use or re-sell to offset your certification investment.
  • Training and support to help you get up and running quickly.
  • Brand-ready artwork so you can provide your clients with collateral materials tailored to your brand and with your  contact information.

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