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Kevin McCarthy, CSP

Author of the bestselling book, BlindSpots – Why Good People Make Bad Choices, and holds the highest certification recognized globally by the speaking industry, the Certified Speaking Professional.

An award-winning sales professional, he built one of the largest Century 21 offices in America, then developed and sold a dot-com startup.

In 2004, his boss was arrested for the largest stock fraud in Washington State history. As a result, Kevin spent 33 months in federal prison for a crime he didn’t knowingly commit. There he studied Cognitive Psychology and recognized — then deeply researched — the blind spots that lead to his predicament.

Today Kevin and his team expose the invisible barriers that impact culture, operations, training, service and leadership.

Rachel Joy McCarthy

Rachel is the author of Letters from a Prisoner - a story of redemption and hope.

Rachel dedicated the majority of her 30 year career as an educator informing and inspiring young people. 

She now inspires people of all ages to become the best version of themselves. She encourages people to persevere and overcome their challenges while growing in the process.

Certified Blind Spots Associates

Randy McGuire, MBA

Randy has spent his career helping the executives of small to medium sized organizations with their strategic expansion plans. He earned his Masters degree in Business Administration with a personal emphasis and passion for people over process.

As an adjunct professor facilitating classes which include ethics training for a private college, Randy is passionate about helping people positively shape their values, beliefs and behaviors to create their best outcomes, develop their best relationships and live their best lives.

Jerry Gibson

Jerry spent more than 25 years of his career living and working abroad. He is an entrepreneur and coach who focuses on cross-cultural relationship development. He has earned his Masters degree with an emphasis in organizational leadership.

Jerry has certifications as a facilitator in Situational leadership and Transformational Leadership. He enjoys helping people make good choices and build great relationships.

Speaking, Training and Coaching to uncover the blind spots in your organization to increase your team performance, employee engagement and retention.


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